About Us

Information, Inc. is a small business located in Pittsboro, NC. Our mission is to increase business productivity and effectiveness by intelligently integrating proven technologies and custom applications into existing, or desired, IT infrastructure. We place a strong emphasis on functional, user-friendly design for all of our solutions and strive to make technology less intimidating for users. Since being founded in 2005, Information, Inc. has provided IT solutions to a variety of businesses around the state.


Michael is our .NET MVC solutions architect and database administrator. He has over 10 years of experience in the industry and strives to create efficient, user-friendly solutions. Michael is the current maintainer of the NCDSS-DaySheets open-source codebase.

When Michael is not busy working, he enjoys reading up on new technologies, photography and spending time with his family.


Regi graduated with a BS in Marketing from the University of Florida but has since transitioned into a career in the IT field. She is our resident Drupal and web marketing expert and has worked on numerous web development projects and web marketing campaigns. She is also responsible for project management and client coordination and would love to talk to you about your next project!

When Regi is not busy working, you'll most likely find her in her garden or spending time with her family.