Our Work

CRC Referral Tool

Project Overview

April 2011

The Community Resource Connections for Aging and Disabilities is a network of community partners that provide information, assistance and referrals for all older adults, people with disabilities and their formal and informal caregivers. The CRC advocates a "no wrong door" approach so that consumers and caregivers are able to obtain aging and disability resource information from any community partner.

What We Did

Information, Inc. developed a custom tool to make referrals between community partners who are part of the CRC. Users can create referrals containing inquirer and client information. Administrative users are able to add/edit users, partner agencies and services provided by the CRC, as well as obtain referral and client demographic reports. The tool was originally developed for use at the Chatham-Orange CRC and has since been further customized and adopted by the Mecklenburg CRC.

How We Did It

Using .NET and the MVC framework, Information, Inc. developed a custom referral tool, including email notifications and reminders as well as reports.